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We are a growing start up based in Hannover, Germany. enyi is offering a marketplace for international fashion designers, cruelty free & vegan beauty brands which use ingredients and materials that are ethically produced and sourced. Ethical products are made of natural fibres that meet high ecological and social standards, such as garments made from organic cotton. As well as cruelty free & vegan body care products for which several of the main ingredients are derived in creditable way. Our aim is to support brands with ethical labelling which has a positive implications for small businesses from the producing countries.


The term enyi means “my friend” in Igbo, originated from West Africa, Nigeria. The name stands for supporting each other and for openess towards each individual way of living and towards a diverse world. We aim to support the smaller ethical brands to make them more visible for a broader market through our activities on social media and promotional campaigns. The slang “bold & free” stands for to be what you want to be, in a way to express your personality in wearing trendless, special and outstanding fashion designs and use ethically sourced body care products which contribute to the social welfare of the origin countries from where most of the components and materials come from.


Most times, fast changing fashion industry-made trends are a reason for short-term use of products and disposing. That is the reason why we focus on sustainable fashion, because the concept of fast fashion leads amongst others to short durability of clothings, unfair wages and untransparent value chains, which is for us a form of modern slavery. We are happy to see that more and more consumers have emerged which are not only interested in the cut, colour, substances, and price of product they buy but also in ethical issues. They want to know the origin of their products and of the materials their apparel is made of and under which conditions it was produced and processed.


The African continent will be hardest hit by climate change. The degree of expected climate change is large. The two most extensive land-based end-of-century projected decreases in rainfall anywhere on the planet occur over Africa. The continent has been affected by frequent and severe droughts every year. The recent climate change is likely to make desertification and land degradation even worse. The basis of existence is for millions of producers and farmers in danger. The continent needs long-term solutions to desertification, land degradation, drought and biodiversity loss. 1% of each sale made on enyi marketplace is donated to support the African Initiative for Combating Desertification.

On enyi marketplace, “ethical” describes an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of products which seeks to increase benefits to people and community while minimising the impact on environment. We source for sustainable fashion and korean beauty brands, designers and creators who fullfill these conditions.