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Decolonize Your Mind
African cotton production and its roots  (Part I)
“In Africa, the history of why cotton is grown in which locales, by whom, in what quantity, and with which techniques involves international politics, colonial power, environmental factors, and, in many instances, coercion.”.. Read more.....
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Zimbabwe has banned the export of raw lithium
The country is enforcing the ban to put a stop to loss of billions of dollars from raw lithium exports, enough to repay its debts. Zimbabwe has prohibited the export of raw lithium from its mines so it can cash in on value addition and stop losing billions of dollars in mineral proceeds to foreign companies....
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Germany returns 21 Benin bronzes to Nigeria – amid frustration at Britain
Artefacts looted in 19th century by UK soldiers and sold on, with many more still held by the British Museum. Twenty-one precious artefacts that were looted by British soldiers from the former west African kingdom of Benin 125 years ago have been handed over by Germany to Nigeria amid laughter, tears, and some audible frustration with the ongoing silence of the country that first stole them.......
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 Hyaluronic Acid: Not Always Vegan

Many organic and natural skin care brands claim they use a vegan version of Hyaluronic Acid. What does vegan mean in this case - is the Hyaluronic Acid made from plants? If not, what?

Some internet sites claim their vegan Hyaluronic Acid is extracted from wheat. or sweet potato, even cotton, through a fermentation process. Sounds wholesome enough.

But when you look into details of this manufacturing, it’s not wholesome at all.

The fermentation process involves bacteria only. There isn't a plant in sight.

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 What Is

The fashion industry has a lot of problems. It also has plenty of innovative designers, creators, and change-makers working on solutions. One umbrella movement that encapsulates their efforts is the slow fashion movement. This guide covers what it stands for, why it's necessary, and how to support it.

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