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enyi marketplace recognises its moral and legal responsibility with regard to modern slavery and human trafficking and will always endeavour to ensure that no such activities arise in the operation of its business.  We expect all areas of our business and all suppliers and vendors to comply with internationally recognised codes of practice on human rights, employment practices and working conditions.  For certain procurement categories, we undertake further reviews to assess suppliers.

This statement outlines the steps we have taken as a business to identify and prevent slavery and human trafficking in our own operations and supply chains. We understand our responsibilities and are committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking.


Our Business

We are a growing start up based in Germany. A marketplace focused on slow fashion designers, cruelty free and vegan beauty products with or some components/inspirations ethically sourced from Africa. We manage the marketplace through three customer-centric business units:

  1. Germany – bringing our sales, defined in one business unit and recognising distinct characteristics of the European Market.
  2. Assisting with DHL shipping Services – In cases where shipping services are difficult, we also encourage merchants to ship with our DHL account to enable swift delivery of products.
  3. B2B / B2C– includes researching and contacting ethical vendors or brands who provide products which comply with the code of conduct as stated below.


Retail Merchandise Code of Conduct 

The Code of Conduct and Global Sourcing Principles establish the standards for commercial retail suppliers.  We expect suppliers to comply with internationally recognised codes of practice on Human Rights, employment practices and working conditions.  These specifically require suppliers/brands to achieve and maintain standards in relation to the following:

  • prevention of child labour;
  • prevention of forced labour;
  • prevention of slave and trafficked labour;
  • ensuring safety;
  • health and hygiene;
  • associations, discrimination and coercion;
  • working hours and wages; and
  • protection of the environment.



 Our supply chains are based throughout the world and include suppliers/brands of direct materials. enyi will not knowingly do business with parties who violate applicable laws and regulations, including local, environmental and employment laws.

  • Unless a higher standard is applied, suppliers/brands are required to agree,  as a condition of doing business with enyi, that enyi’s standard conditions of purchase for goods and services  (which contain our Ethical Dealing Principles) will apply.  Our Ethical Dealing Principles require suppliers to be compliant with international conventions in relation to forced labour; freedom of association; right to organise and collective bargaining; equal remuneration; abolition of forced labour; discrimination; minimum age and child labour;

We conduct due diligence on all suppliers assessed by enyi as critical and/or major to the business before allowing them to become one of our suppliers/vendor. This due diligence includes carrying out supplier/brands audits, where appropriate.

Further steps;

We intend to take the following further steps to combat slavery and human trafficking:

  1. Risk assess all new suppliers/brands and ask them to certify that they have taken steps to eradicate modern slavery within their own organisation and supply chain;
  2. Notify all existing suppliers of our expectations and their obligations in relation to the prohibition of modern slavery;
  3. Incorporate anti-slavery and human trafficking obligations into procurement agreements and subcontracting arrangements on a risk assessed basis;
  4. Include appropriate measures in our due diligence processes for sourcing suppliers, brands and acquisitions on a risk assessed basis;
  5. Where appropriate we will include reference to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 in our policies and procedures.

modern slavery statement



Francis M.

CEO enyi bold & free